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Here are the challenges we hear about and help dealing with:

“We want to conquer the world”

“I don’t see what’s next”

“We do so many great things, but even our own staff does not see it”

“There is no loyalty, our people leave us”

“We are not growing anymore”

“I need to translate into visual language what I have in mind”

“What if we fail to see some opportunities?”

“I have a feeling that we miss something”

“Our customers don’t like us as much as our competitors”

“I want to be loved by customers and look really good”

all services are provided in:

  • EN
  • FR
  • RU
  • LT

Solutions for building respect and love:

Positioning & branding & visual strategies

Marketing & communication solutions & plans

Internal communication architecture

Tailored consulting as catalyst to move forward:

Market research, analysis & trendspotting

Marketing coaching

Creative sessions & seminars


Asta Grabliauskienė

Founder, CEO
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Ieva Bieliūnaitė

Founder, Marketing Strategist
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Ieva Kutkaitė

Marketing & Communication Manager
+370 630 42540